The Company is focused on acquiring and/or joint venturing with companies across all sectors of the industrial hemp industries in an effort to build a “soil-to-shelf” portfolio of complementary companies and joint venture partners. There is a perfect storm on the horizon for the hemp industry, as there is significant economic need for increased job creation and tax revenue in most countries around the world, along with a strong demand for sustainable technologies, low carbon footprint housing, highly nutritional food and effective medicines without side effects. Industrial hemp can provide many of these necessary solutions. By vertically integrating the supply chain, the Company can be focused on efforts that will enable it to capture cash flow, revenues and value from its acquisitions and establish a far greater collective valuation than GHG or the individual companies would have on their own.

B U S I N E S S   P H I L O S O P H Y

A healthier future through sustainable business strategies.


Global Hemp Group companies are integral suppliers of high quality sustainable raw materials and finished products derived from the hemp plant. With products that will be recognized as leading global brands, it will operate in the automotive, building materials, bio-composites, energy-related markets, food, nutritional supplements & nutraceuticals, guided by the overarching theme of “global environmental stewardship”. The Company applies the key concepts of sustainability and social responsibility in all its endeavours.


M A N A G E M EN T   &    B O A R D   O F     D I R EC T O R S

Charles Larsen – President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Larsen has more than 30 years of experience working in government, public, private and startup companies as an executive manager, including being the founding President of the first publicly traded company in the medical cannabis industry in 2009, Medical Marijuana, Inc., and he is a founder and current director of Marijuana Company of America, Inc. He has been actively involved in the cannabis and hemp industry for nearly a decade, traveling the world researching the plant and the industry, and developing relationships with key global players. Mr. Larsen has provided strategic consulting to many emerging and seasoned cannabis and hemp companies since 2008.

In addition, Mr. Larsen has decades of experience in high volume securities trading; corporate and public debt, equities, options and futures, as well as being an experienced portfolio manager, securities trader and C level executive. He has participated in the highest levels of strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, financial and operational restructuring, public and private corporate finance, governance and compliance.

Curt Huber – CFO, Director
Mr. Huber is an independent corporate and financial consultant. He has been involved in all facets of public companies for more than 25 years. He is an experienced director and senior officer who has represented public companies in many different sectors: mining, oil and gas, and technology. In addition, he has provided investor relation services, raised financing in the public markets and built corporate awareness for the companies with which he has been associated.

Dr. Paul T. Perrault – Director
Dr. Perrault is an economist trained in cooperative development (M.A.) and in Rural Development (Ph. D.) (Stanford). After some years of consulting on rural development project in several developing countries, he shifted his career to institutional development. Over the years he participated actively in the creation of several university and training institutions in Rwanda, Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire. Moreover, he contributed to the strengthening of agricultural research organizations, principally in Africa, as a researcher then as a program director at the International Service for National Agricultural Research (1990-2004), a CGIAR institution. These experiences have shaped his perspective in managing and developing world institutions.

Jeff Kilpatrick – Director
Mr. Kilpatrick is currently a Program Supervisor for the Alachua County Department of Court Services in Gainesville, Florida.  He has a BS in the Administration of Criminal Justice from CSU Long Beach, an MBA from California Coast University, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and a CPM from Florida State University.  He is a Senior Board Member for the Association of Pretrial Professionals of Florida (APPF) and is the President Elect for the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA).  Prior to coming to Alachua County, Jeff spent 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard.  Mr. Kilpatrick is a member of LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.


B O A R D   O F   A D V I S O R S


Gabriel Gauthier
Mr. Gauthier is a pioneer in Canada in hemp construction. He brings to GHG a depth of experience and expertise in both hemp construction and hemp farming. Initially trained in landscape design, he then went to France for three years to train with Hemp Master Builders. After a two-year stint with Quebec’s farm credit system, in 2003 he started his own hemp building company, ArtCan Enterprises. To date, they have undertaken more than 100 building and renovation projects using hemp technologies. In 2012, he expanded his interest to hemp cultivation and provided consulting services to prospective hemp farmers. He joined Groupe Orvert Ltd, a Quebec based company promoting hemp cultivation and processing, who’s present activities focus on importing selected hemp seed to develop hemp production, then transforming the hemp to high value products. In this partnership, he farms about 250 ha in Quebec in association with a number of other farmers. Mr. Gauthier’s experience and knowledge in hemp cultivation, processing and construction will be an important addition to the Company.

Frank Geise
Mr. Giese is an expert cannabis cultivator and breeder, Medical Marijuana (MMJ) contractor and MMJ systems analyst. For nearly 10 years, when medical cannabis legislation was passed permitting possession and cultivation in his home state of Washington, Mr. Giese combined his over 25 years of practical field experience working for government agencies as a research biologist extensively focusing on DNA, genetic identification and breeding of endangered species, with education and business expertise to begin breeding medical cannabis strains.

This widely varied combination of backgrounds along with many years of research and hard work has allowed him to become a true master cannabis cultivator and breeder. Mr. Giese has bridged the fundamentals of scientific research and cannabis breeding, as well as the use and development of modern cultivation and processing techniques in his breeding work. He has become proficient in breeding CBD rich strains, as well as being very experienced in auto flower breeding.

Mr. Giese current cannabis breeding efforts are focused on commercially viable, rapidly maturing varieties and his continued efforts in the development of new industrial hemp cultivars. His vision for the future is to introduce modern growing techniques to industrial hemp, as has been done with cannabis.

Mr. Giese has been involved in the installation and/or modification of more than 100 medical cultivation facilities as an MMJ contractor; from small to large scale outdoor grow operations, state-of-the-art Sealed Environment Grow (SEG) facilities (indoor), as well as associated processing and retail facilities. He has also been contracted as a consultant or MMJ systems analyst to access cultivation operations and recommend modifications to increase productivity, reduce costs and/or other specified objectives.

Rod Lanier
Mr. Lanier is a third generation farmer on land originally settled by his grandfather in 1909. Rod studied Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan and participated in farming exchanges in Australia and Tasmania, then worked in international seed sales before joining his father and brother at the family operation, NeverIdle Farms Ltd., where he eventually took over its management. Rod is an active and founding member of the Palliser Agriculture Management Society (P.A.M.S), a group of 13 progressive farms working together to share management techniques and innovative learning. Some members of this group have partnered with Shepherd’s Grain to produce no-till, sustainably farmed durum for their branded pasta flour sold in the U.S. Rod formed the Prairie Winds Specialty Seed Producers Ltd. with other farmers to grow and market their own safflower.

Rod has contributed his time and eorts to the Tin Conference, Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission, Southern Applied Research Association, and Southern Alberta Conservation Association. He actively participates in crop study and education with Lethbridge Research Station, has delivered numerous lectures including Agro-Soyuz in Ukraine, and has led tours for visiting farmers from around the world. He has volunteered with University of Alberta students by providing soil management thesis analysis, and worked with the “worm watch” program to educate elementary students on the importance of worms for soil nutrient diversity. Through Rod’s management, NeverIdle Farms Ltd. has participated in a variety of cropping and soil projects with agencies such as Agri-Food Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Southern Applied Research Association and private companies such as SemBioSys. Rod was also a director with the Science Alberta Foundation, and contributed an agriculture focus in developing educational kits for Alberta youth.

NeverIdle Farms Ltd., operating near Lethbridge, Alberta, consists of 3,300 acres, 65 percent of which is dry land. Under Rod’s management, NeverIdle has committed to growing different crop varieties on a rotation cycle, which optimizes soil health and nutrients. An assortment of pulses, oilseeds, grains and wheat varietals have been grown at the farm, with hemp, safflower and fenugreek being innovative recent additions. Almost 30 years ago the farm became one of Southern Alberta’s first no-till operations. No-till, or direct seeding, is one of the more sustainable forms of agriculture according to the United Nations, encouraging moisture retention, soil biodiversity and erosion control.

Brandon Pitcher
Brandon Pitcher is an award-winning developer, change agent and educator, sharing his passion for social and ecological entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and sustainability for over 15 years.

A ZERI certified practitioner and promoter of the Circular and Blue Economy (, he has traveled to over 40 countries researching dozens of projects and learning from leaders in the field. He has led workshops on design and technology solutions for over a decade, giving over 500 presentations including MIT, Yale, the United Nations University in Tokyo and many other venues. He currently collaborates with a variety of entrepreneurs and organizations, helping guide the transition to a more ecologically literate society.

Brandon is CEO of Blue Circle Development which is a new partnership between multiple companies including the Stevia Corp. and Eltron Research and Development created to add value throughout the whole supply chain of the industrial and medicinal cannabis markets. Brandon is also an active Board Member of the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce in Colorado.

Brandon has been commended for his work on energy related issues as an “Energy Patriot” by Senator Lugar and as Indiana Green Business “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2010.    He has a strong focus area of water/energy and has helped dozens of projects along including being contracted to develop a plan to take a large municipal waste-water treatment plant off-grid through a suite of integrated technologies (anaerobic digestion, algae, solar).   Brandon is Senior Advisor to the Sustainable Energy Program at the Ivy Tech Craig Porter Energy Center in Lafayette, IN, and co-owner of SELX, INC and of Magnificent Mushrooms, a commercial growing operation for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in southern Indiana.

Brandon is currently an active Board Member of the Indiana Hemp Industries Alliance (INHIA), a not for profit that is dedicated to raising awareness and education around industrial hemp, and Vice President of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association.


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