Arizona public media is reporting this morning that  The Arizona House Land, Agriculture and Rural Areas Committee has  unanimously approved a bill that will allow the industrial production of hemp.

“It uses nine times less water than cotton,” said Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, bill sponsor.

“This will help our cotton growers to be able to rotate in another crop. They only get one planting a year of cotton, this can be planted once a year and at least four cuttings,” Borrelli said.

The report goes on to say  that Borrelli also stressed that while hemp is indeed related to marijuana, it is not a drug.

“This is rope. It’s not dope. You can smoke a whole bale of this stuff. You are not going to get high on it,” he said.

The bill was approved by the Senate in February. It will still need a vote in the full House to be enacted.