Industrial hemp regulations passed by ASPB reported, Delta Farm Press, yesterday.

Industrial Hemp Pilot Program sets in motion hemp production, development, and commercialization in Arkansas

The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) recently held the first meeting of their Industrial Hemp Committee which passed regulations for an Arkansas Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

The pilot program will set forth motion to bring the production, development, and commercialization of industrial hemp to the state of Arkansas. “We had 40 farmers, hemp seed breeders, and other related business representatives in attendance as I read the proposed regulations,” says Mary Smith, ASPB seed division director and author of the proposed regulations.

Members of the Industrial Hemp Committee reviewed and had a few small changes to the regulation, but eventually a draft was approved.

During the process of developing the regulations, the ASPB assimilated a few best practices used by similar programs in other states. “We also met with local business representatives and held a public comment period,” says Smith.