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First up

Hyperbole on a Friday ?

Canada’s market and players are doing well, especially so in exports of medical cannabis and CBD products to international markets.

But, here at CLR, we always urge caution.

There are issues in Canada that aren’t too dissimilar from what we are seeing in California.

Local authorities wanting more control over the management of production and distribution, the police force saying they aren’t ready for legalization and a a percentage of the  national parliament not entirely convinced by the whole project.

Yes, we agree, MJ Biz are writing about hemp & not cannabis, but for many, the difference is moot and this won’t stop causing issues for a while yet.

We also worry about phrases being used in the media like , White Hot. This sounds to us like the journalists writing the articles have been talking to people more interested in company share prices and not the day to day grind of building managing and making a business work.

That word again , Hyperbole.

All the markets are hitting record highs again across the board, something that always makes us cautious. let’s hope hemp isn’t being dragged into the fever and suffers when the medicine has to be administered.

Canada awaits hemp boom, with companies pivoting to capitalize on CBD

Also this week Marijuana published an interesting piece about the EPA & permissions for pesticides use.


The rules for pesticide use on hemp & cannabis crops will be different and you will need to be aware of what, where, why and how from the EPA.

Marijuana Moment write

The Trump administration has denied requests from states to allow pesticides for use on marijuana, but is open to considering their use on its non-psychoactive cannabis cousin, hemp, according to new documents from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As noted previously by Bloomberg and others, EPA sent letters in June notifying officials from California, Nevada, Vermont and Washington that the agency planned to disapprove their requests to register pesticides for use on marijuana crops.

But it has not yet been reported that Nevada officials, unlike those from the other three states, did not withdraw their applications after receiving notice from EPA and instead insisted on pursuing the registrations.

EPA Denies Marijuana Pesticide Applications, But Is Open To Hemp Uses


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